The Family that eats together……

friday lunchSome of us at LWG have been teased by our spouses that all we do at the office is eat…..we don”t really work. Well, we are actually very hard workers – we”re passionate about interior design and our clients. This is the central focus of our livelihood and we all share this in common. At the same time, we LOVE to eat together. Maybe it”s because we all love food, but I suspect the real reason is that we like each other and for this reason, we like to eat together. There”s no better way to socialize than over a meal. At LWG you”ll find people leaving their desks daily to have lunch together in our sample room. We also eat breakfast together weekly during our scheduling meetings which occur every Tuesday morning. The photo above was taken just before one of our “Friday lunches” – these occur on a very regular basis and usually include a variety of things we pick up at Farm Boy (and may include a glass of wine). This is all part of life at LWG.

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