instagramRegular visitors to the LWG website may notice that we’ve added an Instagram link to the bottom of our home page. We really encourage you check it out! Instagram is such an interesting and relevant social media platform for Interior Designers. After all, we are a highly creative and visual people.

You’ll see more than project photos – you’ll get a little view into how we think about design, how we see things as designers as well as a little peek into the social life at LWG (visit our FaceBook page as well). Thanks to LWG designer Stephanie Black for taking the Instagram lead – she’s doing a great job.

David Gibbons for President!

Staff-9355DavidIt’s election time for our Provincial professional association, ARIDO. LWG Principal David Gibbons has put his name forward as President-elect. Everyone at LWG is really proud of him for considering donating his own time and resources to give back to our profession. This isn’t the first time that David has volunteered to help better our profession – in the past David has been ARIDO president of our local chapter, President of Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) as well as filling numerous other roles in both organizations.

This is a critical time for our profession in Ontario. We’ve been working for many years to have a Practice Act passed in the Ontario Legislature. This is something most Interior Designers feel very strongly about – we need to be recognized as a profession. The work we do is so important to health and welfare of the users of the spaces we design. David is completely aware of the challenges facing us as we try to make this dream a reality.

It should be noted the LWG has a tradition of volunteering for our professional associations. Currently Lauren Coburn and Stephanie Black are event coordinators for ARIDO EOC. Sloane Weingarden is ARIDO EOC Secretary, Pat Wheele takes care of e-blasts and Erica Carr will be helping to coordinate a local trade show that ARIDO EOC will be hosting in Ottawa.

Vote for David here:

The Family that eats together……

friday lunchSome of us at LWG have been teased by our spouses that all we do at the office is eat…..we don”t really work. Well, we are actually very hard workers – we”re passionate about interior design and our clients. This is the central focus of our livelihood and we all share this in common. At the same time, we LOVE to eat together. Maybe it”s because we all love food, but I suspect the real reason is that we like each other and for this reason, we like to eat together. There”s no better way to socialize than over a meal. At LWG you”ll find people leaving their desks daily to have lunch together in our sample room. We also eat breakfast together weekly during our scheduling meetings which occur every Tuesday morning. The photo above was taken just before one of our “Friday lunches” – these occur on a very regular basis and usually include a variety of things we pick up at Farm Boy (and may include a glass of wine). This is all part of life at LWG.

LWG and Standing Offers

Did you know that LWG has Standing Offers with various public sector organizations? We pride ourselves in the diversity of clients that we work with – variety is spice of life, as they say. We have enjoyed working with corporations, medical professionals, not-for-profit organizations as well as the public sector. LWG currently has standing offer agreements with the City of Ottawa as well as Public Works and Government Services Canada. We were informed yesterday that were successful in obtaining a new standing offer with PWGSC for Full Scope Interior Design Services! This is in addition to a current standing offer with PWGSC for Functional Programming.

LWG Wins an ARIDO Award of Merit!!

cas01_resizeLWG has recently been recognized by our Provincial professional, ARIDO, for our recently completed project for the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa. Take a look at the Portfolio section of our website for some images of the project. We’d really like to thank our client at Children’s Aid for allowing us to flex our creative muscles! We’d also like to acknowledge Ark Construction for their commitment to the project and the high quality of craftsmanship they brought to the table.

New Team Members!

LWG welcomes Karol Wojdaszka and Patricia Wheele to our team! Karol is Ryerson grad and was one of Interior Designers or Canada’s 2011 “Top 5 under 5” recipients. Pat is an Algonquin grad and has previously worked for Contract Furniture Source. We’re excited to be growing! Watch our website in the weeks to come for their profiles.

David Gibbons in Denmark!

fritz hansen 2Once again LWG Prinicipal David Gibbons is travelling abroad in his capacity as President of Interior Designers of Canada. His current excursion has taken him to New York City, followed by Denmark. Please visit our Facebook page for more photos from his time in Copenhagen!

David Gibbons in Venice!

venice - canal 2LWG Principal, David Gibbons, is travelling to Venice, Italy in his capacity as Interior Designers of Canada President (he’s actually there as we write this!). While there, he will obviously take in all the amazing sights and experiences that Venice has to offer, but as IDC President, he will be attending a series of IDC meetings as well as the interior design trade show Happy Business to You ( We miss him and wish him well (and we’re all a little jealous!).


With the transition from CLWG to LWG, we found that we had a precious opportunity to take our simple name change one step further.  We engaged TRUEdotDESIGN, an innovative Ottawa-based Marketing and Graphic Design firm with a strong understanding of our complex and dynamic industry, to design a new LWG logo and implement our firm’s rebranding initiatives.

The LWG logo was designed to mimic the preliminary schematic design process of developing corporate interior spaces. The colour blocks that make up the LWG lettering are left unattached to one another in order to demonstrate the flexibility of our designs which can be adjusted to suit the needs of each individual client. The addition of a pop of colour to an interior space can create excitement and, we feel, does the same for our new logo whose intrepid colours scheme, surrounded with white-space, will ensure that LWG stands out in print and among our peers and clients.

We’re excited to share our new look with you and invite you take a look at the NEW LWG logo coming to life: VIEW VIDEO