• LWG guided The Canadian Foundation for Health Improvement (CFHI) through a major transition from a cellular environment to an open contemporary, flexible workplace. This new space was designed with the ability to adapt to future growth while incorporating CFHI’s core values in a manner that supports a healthy and productive environment. LWG and CFHI developed a change management strategy specifically tailored to CFHI’s office dynamic and developed a purposely suited collaborative design process which fostered transparency and participation from all staff. Through this design process, the LWG Design Team delivered a project plan which incorporated a total transformation of the base building lighting systems, the application of state of the art connectivity and audio-visual solutions, the selection and installation of all new office furniture systems and the application of acoustic dampening systems. The resulting environment is an overwhelming success and is a shining example of LWG’s collaborative design process and dedication to creating sustainable and healthy workplaces which foster and enable creativity and collaboration.