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    We demand it. You want a space that has longevity. We insist on it. 
    So we don’t respond to trends; we respond to needs. Needs – from comfort to vigour – will always outlast trends.


    The workplace better feel good. And it shouldn’t feel like work. Our design works hard so you won’t feel like that’s what you’re doing.


    But what you should know is that it isn’t awards that excite us. It’s that our design changes clients lives. It’s about changing their relationship with their surroundings. You’ll see. 

Through the alchemy and good fortune of any perfect partnership, and with the hard work of our talented and diverse team, we meet in an inspired balance that drives each design.

Our staff harness wildly different approaches in one single outcome - great work that continues to seek out the best results in ways that challenge the expectations of the past. It’s contagious. And, we hope, incurable.

  • Marc Letellier

    Principal  |  Interior Designer

    In a design career spanning four decades, Marc has masterfully accrued experience in practically every sector of the design industry. World trade and exhibit design, hospitality and retail design, medical and dental office design, manufacturing and specialty lab design are but a smattering of the successes he has amassed. His knowledge of building and furniture systems, building code, construction, millwork and manufacturing techniques, cost estimating and contract documentation provides clients with an indispensable tool in an understanding of the design and implementation industry. Perhaps, then, it’s no shock that he enjoys the diversity of the work. But in the back of his mind, on every project, is the knowledge that his work will contribute in some small part to the success of his clients. Creating environments that our clients’ staff will appreciate, value and benefit from every day is a great feeling. And that’s what he says is most rewarding.

    Establishing a design firm that has flourished while holding itself to unwavering principles of sustainability in building is something for which Marc holds a large amount of responsibility. Being nurturing of every individual at the firm is equally important. The pairing is something that perhaps only a perfectionist with stocks of loyalty and fairness could accomplish successfully. But he places the credit for it with the incredible LWG team. Developing our company’s Requirements Program – getting to know people well enough to provide them with innovative solutions that work excellently – is core to all that Marc represents. That understanding leads to detail that can be seen in any space he’s had a hand in without even looking at the walls or the flooring; he’ll tell you that lighting is not just essential to see where you’re going, it’s central to how you feel while you work.

  • Bryan Wiens

    Principal | Interior Designer

    What started out as a passion for architecture and design – and the desire to hold a creative job – became a life’s work. Just under 30 years as a designer, to be exact. And 22 at LWG. A Principal, and the “W” in LWG for over 15 years, Bryan possesses the pride of someone who’s helped build the best of its kind. But those years have also brought a maturation that has permitted him a realization that he derives so much of his motivation from being able to help lead an excellent team.

    His excellent communication and project management skills have been called upon to deliver a wide variety of full scope public and private sector assignments. He’s been able to draw on seven years experience before LWG delivering projects of various sizes for PWGSC. Presently, Bryan serves as Chair of the Advisory Committee and guest lectures for Algonquin College’s Interior Design Bachelor program where, as is suiting to his character, he puts particular focus on Professional Practice and Ethics. It’s no surprise that Bryan is especially proud of the Algonquin College Co-op Employer of the Year. A common trait of LWG staff is compassion. As an excellent mentor, Bryan exemplifies this quality as well as any.

    A passion for travel, music, art and the history of architecture ignites and underscores his curiosity for the vocabulary of design – where we come from and where we’re going.

  • David Gibbons

    Principal | Interior Designer

    Over thirty five years of professional experience has honed David’s innumerable skills. At the turn of this century, he joined LWG as an associate and quickly grew into an ownership role. He faces design concept development, strategic planning, project management and coordination, budgeting, cost reporting, drawing review and certification with the same intelligence he lends to his second stint as President of ARIDO.

    David has brought both his talented eye and caring nature to a veritable phalanx of projects that include but certainly aren’t limited to multi-storey office projects, control centres and call centres. It can’t be overstated that David’s dedication has led to the continued successes and growth of an incredible group of professionals at LWG. Perhaps it’s partly due to the inspiration he draws from other greats like Frank Lloyd Wright, Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe and Le Corbusier. But it’s definitely due to his incredible tenacity, too.

  • Colette St-Denis Jolicoeur

    Associate | Director of Design
    Interior Designer

    Colette is a graduate of La Cité Collégiale with a Diploma in the Advanced Interior Design program. Her design expertise is charged by her intuitive conceptual skills and works drawings and detailing with uncanny technical sensibility.

    We talk a lot about a sense of place. It’s central to our perspective in so many ways. But Colette’s words may be the ones we like best. Colette says LWG is a home away from home. It’s not just lip-service. She started her career with us in 2003. We’re proud to say she’s still with us. And prouder that she’s become an associate. In an industry that sees people move from firm to firm with relative regularity, we are very lucky to have her aboard for all these years. We have all benefited from her dedication, drive and positive outlook.

    Like every good designer, Colette is a visualizer. She enjoys the challenge of each unique project, and uses the analogy of a puzzle to describe the process of addressing success. Putting the pieces together successfully leads to the ultimate sight - a happy client.

  • Melanie Tracey

    Associate | Interior Designer

    A graduate of the International Academy of Design with a Diploma in Advanced Interior Design, Melanie has spent over half of her extensive career in interior design with us at LWG. She’s consummately organized, which is perhaps what drives her passion for project and construction management. Her meticulous nature not only echos throughout the designs she works on, but paired with her altruism, makes her an excellent mentor. Melanie always seizes the opportunity to see a project through from start to finish.

    When asked why she does what she does everyday, the thing Melanie references is most telling.  “We get to design incredible spaces for our clients and provide a more serene and inviting space for them to work in.” Serenity! It’s a lofty goal – and one she’s helped achieve time and again.

  • Rachel Burdick

    Interior Designer

    People who run the Boston Marathon don’t do anything by halves. Rachel is one of those people. She gets things done. A graduate of Fanshawe College with a Diploma in the Advanced Interior Design program, Rachel brings a wealth of knowledge and international design experience to LWG. She’s amazed clients with her work both in Canada and abroad, in the United Kingdom. LWG has been blessed with her tireless enthusiasm, and proficient communication skills since the mid 2000s.

    It’s a common narrative amongst LWGers, but Rachel loves spending time with her coworkers and creating spaces that people truly enjoy working in.

  • Carolina Koski

    Senior Designer
    B.I.D., I.D.C., ARIDO

    Carolina isn’t one to waste time. That’s always been true. In 2003 she graduated from the International Academy of Design with a Diploma in Advanced Interior Design. She was working at an Ottawa architectural office the next day.

    Just two years later she was drawn west where she impressed Calgary with her skills and talented eye until wisely coming home in 2012. We’re definitely glad she did.

    Her expertise isn’t just informed by her experience in the industry, either. The National Art Gallery employed her as a consultant until she began shifting to interior design full time. So, it’s no surprise that she sees design in part from the lens of visual arts. She engages the same rules - purposeful repetition, colour, scale and form – and applies an intrinsic practicality.

    But beyond all of that, Caroline is organized and reliable. She has to be. In Ottawa alone, she’s worked on more 50 completed projects over the last 8 years. In that time she’s nurtured client relations while helping to build and motivate production teams. LWG is incredibly lucky to have inherited her with the  Design Associates amalgamation.

  • Erica Pelletier

    Interior Designer
    BAA-ID, Intern ARIDO

    With a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Interior Design from the Academy of Design in Toronto and just shy of a decade’s worth of experience, Erica credits her success in the industry with her ability to think on her feet. We couldn’t agree more. She’s an excellent listener, and comes to every design having heard clients’ ideas and requirements with a rare perspicacity. It’s this enlightenment that serves her so well on the senior management team.

    You may be aware of the “building envelope”. It defines the conditioned environment from the unconditioned environment, taking into account temperature difference between the inside and the outside, moisture, noise and light transfer. Erica’s particular curiosity and dedication to this aspect of design is a subject of constant inspiration for her. But unlike a well-sealed envelope, Erica’s openness – championed by her superior listening skills – makes her indefatigably approachable and patient. Her calm, yet meticulous demeanour, is a powerful influence for which we’re constantly grateful.

  • Gabrielle Lemaire

    Interior Designer

    It’s suiting that Gabrielle’s background includes work on innumerable hospitality projects – she’s as empathetic as they come. Collège La Cité bestowed her with a diploma in Advanced Interior Design before she moved on to half a decades’ worth of work with a well-respected commercial design firm in Montreal where she immersed herself in some brilliant, high-concept commercial work. In a felicitous move, she returned to Ottawa, and we’ve been lucky to have her with us at LWG for even longer. 

    The attention required of the technical nature of detailing is as large a part of the motivation for her continued passion for the job as is the certain knowledge that no two days are ever the same. There’s a pride in her work mirrored in her role as a mother of two young ones and in an ongoing pursuit of learning even more about the industry. 

  • Andréa Gravelle

    BID, Intern ARIDO

    Andrea established a solid footing in retail design in Toronto after graduating from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Interior Design. After a move to the States, she returned to Ottawa – her hometown. 

    She brings practicality and intention to the sensibility of an artist. She also brings the kind of bubbly effervescence that leads her to claim that her early career spent south of the border (as south as Texas) has unlocked her natural ability to uncover the best taco joints. We defy you to think of someone you’d rather have on your team. 

    Of course, her creative force goes much further. While many designers begin with an idea of an aesthetic they want to achieve, 

    Andrea’s practicality-meets-creativity kicks in. She forms a general direction, then identifies myriad scenarios of achievability and adjusts the design accordingly, resulting in the presentation of a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The sort of thought she puts in to each project is indicative of an intense focus – but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a lot of laughs along the way. 

  • Emilie Gauthier

    Interior Designer

    When asked why she does what she does every day, Emilie quotes Marc Anthony (and, less famously, Confucius) “If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.” It’s the sort of quote that sums up Emilie’s bold personality. And it’s a mantra that earned her flying colours in her NCIDQ certification. LWG has been enjoying her gregarious company; we’re grateful for her comedic stylings every day.

    Complex details propel her interest more than anything else. Architectural features and millwork can offer specific challenges, and it’s what she thrives on.

  • Ashley Lepine

    BAA-ID, Intern ARIDO

    Ashley finds herself unwittingly drawn to the finer architectural elements of design aesthetics, whether she’s working or simply peeking at blogs and social media – we’re pretty sure that’s called a passion. A passion and a proficient eye for detail! Before joining us, she began her career as a coordinator for a high-end custom home builder, only to move on to high-end residential and millwork design. She is a graduate of the Bachelor of Applied Arts Interior Design degree program at Algonquin College.

    Her belief that the spaces we work and live in heavily impacts our health and well-being, impels her in somewhat of a constant need to create spaces that are not only functional but pleasing. There’s no doubt Ashley’s previous life in creating millwork and high-end residential work has laid the foundation for a now seemingly effortless aptitude for bringing a homey vibe to her work. Peaceful, but practical. Kind of like Ashley.

  • Olivia Carmichael

    BID, Intern ARIDO

    We’ve had a lot of luck in building LWG. Olivia is part of that luck. We snapped her up immediately after her graduation from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Interior Design in 2017, and we’ve had the great fortune of her creativity and charisma for the entirety of her burgeoning career.

    The demands of the job can bring some unlikely couplings – conceptualizing colour in unique ways and budgeting, drafting and construction administration. Amazingly, these are some of the things that draw Olivia in to work every day with her verve and tenacity in tow. Her impeccable analytical skills are matched by her graciousness and warmth. Just ask her irrepressibly cute pup about the latter; as far as the former goes, even the most sensible of dogs seem unimpressed by analytical prowess.

    Olivia is a humorous, enlightening asset to every project.

  • Gabriella Gribbons


    BID, Intern ARIDO, IDC

    Gabriella’s a born competitor, which means she brings everything she’s got to everything she encounters. Competitive sports have drawn her across the country and in fact, across the globe. Ontario was triumphantly represented in ringette when she brought home silver and bronze. She’s gone toe-to-toe against fierce competition in Scandinavia and, of course, flew through the Algonquin design program.

    The impact that even the smallest design decision can have in large spaces is always of particular interest to Gabriella. She is detail-oriented. She is an expert listener. And she’s organized. Those skills are crucial with the diversity involved in each new project. For Gabriella, the reward comes when she sees the stages of a project – even a multi-floor project – culminate into the reality of the vision shared between the team and the client. We’re extremely grateful to have her calm, productive, friendly demeanour on board.

  • Kalmn Simmons

    BID, Intern ARIDO

    A graduate of Algonquin College, Kalmn holds a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design. She joined us right after graduation. Our locals professional association, the EOC ARIDO Board, is also fortunate to have her as an active volunteer. Kalmn has made this city her own in much the same admirable way that she has owned her seat with the teams she’s worked on. In fact, the GC Workplace project team still amasses positive feedback from around the industry.

    Her always-positive personality is a welcome, infectious presence in our workspace; it seems to have a knack of translating itself to the designs she works on. But isn’t that what you’d expect from someone who shares that she loves coming to work every day because she, “enjoys the art of transformation”?

  • Lori Trask

    Interior Designer
    BID, Intern ARIDO

    Lori is a graduate of Algonquin College with a Bachelor of Interior Design. Before joining LWG, Lori insufflated knowledge experience in the commercial and the high-end residential design sectors as though it were an escaping commodity. We’re ecstatic that Lori has ensconced herself wholeheartedly in this role since 2016. Lori is someone for whom rewards come directly from meeting challenges. And she’s well-attuned to challenges. After having four children, she immersed herself in studying design, switched careers, and propelled herself on a trajectory to mastering this one.

    Space planning and finish selection are her specialties, but as you can imagine from someone with this sort of drive, she thrives on the ever-changing nature of the job.

  • Vladilena Kipriyanova

    BID, Intern ARIDO, IDC

    The poet Rumi had an interesting thing to say about silence – “The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear”. A few minutes of watching Vladilena work would suggest that quiet has the same relationship with vision. While she may be a woman of relatively few words, her work is inspired. She studies a problem, approaches it from every angle and sees where the pieces fit. Vladilena is a graduate of Algonquin College with a Bachelor of Interior Design. It’s the second of two colleges she’s graduated from since arriving in Canada at the age of 17. She’s since found a multitude of good friends, a partner and a job she says she loves. Her steady dedication has paid off in ways that continue to impress us.

  • Xinrui Zhang

    BID, Intern ARIDO, IDC

    Ask Xinrui about what interior design represents in her life and you’ll get a direct and beautifully simplistic answer: Enrichment. It’s perfect, really.  Xinrui is a graduate of Algonquin College, with a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design. She started her career as an interior design co-op student at the Ottawa Hospital; we hired her right after her graduation. Since then, she’s delved into design with every fibre, treating seemingly every moment as an opportunity to absorb more knowledge and gain even more skills.

    Positively brimming with optimism, Xinrui actually employs it as a tool to confront any difficulties she faces. If there’s a greater tool than what she’s discovered, we’ve certainly never heard of it. As Xinrui states, “a good attitude decides everything...I am full of optimism which is the driving force of my life.”

  • Veasena Eav

    ARCH. Technologist

    Veasena’s incredible knowledge and understanding of design and construction seems innate. But it’s been well-earned. He’s been working steadily in the industry since graduating in 2008 from Algonquin College’s Architectural Technology program. Veasena has brought with him his trademark good humour every step of the way. Office and retail space plans are amongst the litany of projects to which he’s lent his studied talent. 2D drawings and 3D renderings flow from him with a calm reliability.

    If you ask him what his favourite projects are – what brings him the most pride – you’ll get little more than a look of incredulity. The thing he enjoys most is the atmosphere and working with the people around him. He is as in-the-moment as anyone can imagine being. It means the present project is his favourite. Is it too much of an understatement to say it’s an admirable trait?

  • Nick Tait

    Architectural Technologist

    Ever since Nick was very young, architecture secured a front row seat in his mind. There were always artistic drawings, and they piled up, spilling his creativity from brain to page. In time, it would lead him to study and graduate from the Architectural Technician program at Algonquin College. Before joining us, his work in the mechanical engineering industry and elevator modernization added even more character to the innate creativity he harnesses. You need to look no further than his film industry involvement, commissioned artwork, novel-in-progress and Heritage College Best Mixed Media award for proof of his indefatigable creative talent. But Nick credits his focus on cleanliness, simplicity and the functionality of minimalist and contemporary design for a great deal of the success he’s helped manifest from the Science and Tech Museum, National Gallery of Canada, Royal Canadian Mint, Carleton University, and Ottawa Hospital.

  • Twyla Mac Ewen

    Office Manager

    For 19 years, Twyla has kept this ship level. She is LWG’s Office Manager. To say she’s organized and efficient isn’t giving her enough credit. If her efficiency had an R-value, we’d be the best insulated business in the country. We can’t say enough about how critical her role is to the success of our firm. While the kind of thoroughness required to keep this dynamic, growing firm on course for so long would match with a persona to be feared, nothing could be further from the truth. How she manages to combine efficiency and an easy-going attitude is the greatest mystery we’ve faced. It’s one we’d never want to solve for fear it would break the magic.

  • Sue Christian

    Office Manager

    What would you want in the perfect office manager?

    Someone self-effacing. Somebody who’s first thought is always of the others around them. Maybe even someone who doesn’t even see the myriad accomplishments she’s amassed but, in her own words “just the satisfaction that the business is running as smoothly as possible”.

    How lucky would you be to have such a person working for you? We can tell you assuredly. Sue is not only that person for us. She was that person for the Design Associates for over 25 years. She was a massive part of what made them such an incendiary success that we felt we had to merge with them.

    Sue’s pursuit of accuracy and attention to detail is what allows us the comfort to be as creative and inventive as we are.

    Her quiet, reserved demeanour belies a friendly, fun, caring achiever. She gets things done. Repeatedly. Tirelessly. It’s an incredible and ongoing legacy – especially for someone who doesn’t see herself as someone with a long list of accomplishments. We are humbled. And grateful.

  • Kathleen Radke

    Finance and Administration

    Kathleen is one of those rare and intriguing people for whom life seamlessly bridges the practical and creative. She’s a consummate professional whose role is to “make sure that people get paid”. Music to most people’s ears, right? While her role at LWG is financial accounting, she’s also a JUNO nominated artist, singing soprano with the Ottawa Bach Choir. How she marries a life of numbers mastery and travelling the globe as a choir soloist is a mystery to us.

    Her directness and outgoing humour are a welcome part of the LWG family. The combination leads her to define her role as “having the right numbers in the right place”. A beautifully simple explanation.